Shabbat Flowers

Shabbat Flowers


A fresh arrangement is delivered to your home just in time for Shabbat.

Fresh flowers for your Eshet Chayil are conveniently delivered to your door. 

Delivery to Far Rockaway and Five Towns. Lawrence NY, Cedarhurst NY, Woodmere NY, Atlantic Beach, Long Beach,  Hewlett NY.

Cancel anytime.  Make changes anytime to your arrangement. Want to change the delivery address and add a Birthday card for the week. Call us anytime with such changes. 

 (516) 271 -1701 

Shabbat Flowers 

Flowers by Beila came about for the sole creation of Shabbat flowers. Beautifying a home on Shabbat with one floral arrangement at a time. Introducing our Parsha flowers box – a unique collection inspired by the weekly Torah portion.

Let us explain, In the first photo on top of the page, it's the Parsha Vayechi.  Among the flowers are twelve pristine white roses, each representing one of Yakov's sons whom the Parsha discusses. The choice of white symbolizes purity and the shared lineage as each of the sons. Opt for our Shabbat weekly subscription to receive a fresh Parsha-inspired arrangement every week.  Fun and inspiring for the whole family.

Elevate your Shabbat with the beauty and meaning of Flowers by Beila.